Silent Gem

Silent Gem’s mission is to publish original collected works as digital books, printed media and original online content.

Inspired by the history of wordless comics over the last century and the adventure comics from the 60’s and 70’s, Silent Gem’s goal is to continue a rich tradition of imagination and storytelling using nothing but images.

In a stormy world of words we felt like taking that extra stride and telling our stories visually is not only a great challenge but fantastically unique.  We have several complete self-contained works in progress as well as two comic strips, one of which is posted six times a week.

As we strive to complete our first fully titled digital books we hope you will keep Silent Gem in mind and continue to come along with us on this journey. We love our readers!  Everyone who takes the time to let us know they like something we do is gas in our engines, thanks for keeping us going!

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