What’s new in the neighborhood?

What’s up Bully?..

Check out and follow Bob and Bully in their newest setting..the neighborhood!

Filled with snooping busy bodies, strange old ladies, and generally odd duck’s, Bob and Bully find themselves in all sorts of sticky situations up and down their strange, bizarre, and “weirder than normal” street.  You can follow the guys here or at GoComics.com everyday!

My Ball of Goo has Escaped!

“My Ball of Goo” began as a simple experiment and turned into an complete book with hundreds of hours in the making. “My Ball of Goo is by far the longest project I have ever worked on!”. 

For the past year I have lived with this story as my side project and constant companion, Honestly I wasn’t sure of how to approach a project of this size and I was totally unprepared for the stamina  that it takes to complete a book like this.  Working on “My Ball of Goo” has given me a new found respect for anyone who makes is to the end of creating a book…let alone a good one.

Here on the other side of process and beyond the zillions of lines, colors and edits,  I hope that “My Ball of Goo” becomes something of value and a story that is worth reading. Of course, that’s where you the reader comes in!

I value your opinion, so if you have the chance leave a review, or post a comment and let me know how you like the book!

At this point you can get the e-book through Amazon and Barnes and Noble and their apps which can be downloaded on any device. Hopefully more formats will follow in the coming weeks.

Click here to head to the main page and the links to download!


A little Bully Technique

With this weeks sideways bit, I thought I would share a bit of info about my favorite drawing technique, which is the bird’s eye view, or three point perspective drawing.  Using this technique is a great way to draw a viewer into the image.

Below is a base pencil drawing of a scene. Scroll down to see the breakdown.

I have outlined the direction of the image. As you can see smaller items rest near or at the vanishing point and move outward from there. The green lizard on the right hand side is the biggest item in the image, he is the closest to the viewer and the furthest from our little vanishing point where the perspective begins.

Broken down even further you can see the direction lines.  Happy reading!